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Mar-April ’15 composing for “Buccaneer Galaxy” a short film by Andrew Jones
and composing for Kaiser Permanente Children’s Theater.

Feb-Mar ’15 composing/sound designing for Switzerland at Geffen Playhouse

December ’14 – January ’15 composing/sound designing for Missing Pages at
Theatre @ Boston Court

July-October 2014 musically directing/conducting/performing for
The Behavior of Broadus at Sacred Fools theater.

June/July 2014 musically directing, orchestrating, sound design, performance for
Iceland with O-lan Jones at the REDCAT theater

May 2014 composing/sound designing for Death of the Author at the Geffen Playhouse.

March 2014 rehearsing to perform drums, percussion, guitar, and banjo
for Floyd Collins Musical at La Mirada Theater

Feb. 2014 Composing, arranging, sound design for Kaiser Permanente’s
Educational Theater Program.

Jan. 2014 Composing, arranging, sound design for The Passion Play at
The Odyssey Theatre

10/13 through 11/13 – producing & performing in Susannah Blinkoff’s
Cabaret,scoring Godefroy Ryckewaert’s short The Masque Rouge,
beginning work on Christopher Taylor and Oasis Theater’s Now! Metropolis.

10/27/13 Fast Company at South Coast Rep closes. First rehearsal for
Suannah Blinkoff/Carol Hall cabaret. Trying out for Kaiser Permanente
Educational Theater this week.

First read thru/production meeting for Fast Company at South Coast Rep
tomorrow 8/20/13.

8/17/13 Finished the score for Matthew Fling & Brad Cooper’s short film:
Blonde Tomorrow. Looking forward to the final mix with sound designer
Matthew Brigida.

5/25/13 Right in the middle of musically directing and re-shaping ModRock.
Great cast and design team. It’s looking and sounding really good!

3/28/13 Beginning work on ModRock: The Stage Musical as musical director/guitarist.
Directed by Brian Lohmann, book by Hagan Thomas-Jones, arrangements by David O

3/11/13 First rehearsal for Annapurna, by Sharr White, directed by Bart DeLorenzo
at The Odyssey Theater. Starring Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman. Looking forward to this one!

1/30/13 Beginning work on J & E Productions short film The Side Effects of Barry
Directed by Amy French, with John Charles Meyer and…Beginning work on arrangements for The Highland Divas upcoming shows in Coral Springs, FL, with M.D. Aaron Gandy

1/29/13 I’m currently playing on the sound track to ModRock: The Stage Musical.
I’m performing on guitars mostly but also clarinet and bongos (!). This play goes up at the
El Portal Theater,
Spring 2013. Great to be working again with
musical director David O.